Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Radio Prague Today 4.13.2011

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Konopiště Chateau

The Czech Republic is famous as a country of castles but this week I had a chance to visit one that is truly exceptional: the renowned Konopiště Chateau, found just 40 kilometres south of Prague. Konopiště, together with its wide surroundings and gorgeous interiors, is of course particularly famous for its ill-fated last owner – the heir-apparent to the Austrian throne, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, assassinated, together with his wife, in Sarajevo in 1914 - the spark that set off the First World War. In this edition of Spotlight we visit some of the magnificent rooms at Konopiště which Francis Ferdinand and his family once used to welcome notable guests.

Prime Minister Nečas moves to try and break coalition deadlock

The on-going crisis within the Czech government has come to a point where a mere meeting of coalition leaders might be a significant step ahead. After President Václav Klaus refused to accept the proposed changes to the cabinet until he was told exactly how things would proceed, Prime Minister Petr Nečas gave way and convened an informal meeting of Civic Democrat, TOP 09 and Public Affairs leaders for Wednesday night that should come up with ways of breaking the deadlock within the coalition. Radio Prague spoke to commentator Eric Best, and asked him whether he thought this could bring the crisis to an end.

Embryo transfers in IVF: more need not always be better

Health minister Leoš Heger has announced that within a broad reform of the health system he wants to change the rules for fertility treatment. The minister has proposed curtailing the practice of multiple-embryo transfers in assisted pregnancies – in favour of single-embryo transfers on the grounds that it is the most inexpensive IVF method and least likely to result in high-risk multiple births.