Friday, April 1, 2011

Radio Prague Today 4.1.2011

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Arts News round-up

In this week's Arts, we have a round-up of recent stories from the Czech arts scene. In this edition: how a new project called Artbanka is helping emerging young artists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; the highly-respected Prague theatre Dejvické divadlo launches a new play based on the life of early 20th Czech adventurer Jan "Eskimo" Welzl; and a precious B&W photograph by František Drtikol – stolen two weeks ago – is returned to Prague's Museum of Decorative Arts.

Constitutional Court invalidates telecommunications data retention law

The Czech Constitutional Court has invalidated a law that forces operators to retain data on telephone calls and Internet traffic on the grounds that it violates people's right to privacy. In a highly anticipated ruling on Thursday, the court said that the provision ordering data on all calls, faxes, text messages and e-mail exchanges to be retained for six months was unconstitutional since it enabled a "massive" invasion into citizens' rights and was not in line with the rule of law.

Business News 1.4.2011

In this week's Business News: An internet website focussing on bank fees reports Czech banks charge hundreds of millions in fees per day; the new 'super employment office' – aimed at saving operational costs – begins operation; Czech national carrier ČSA ends a codesharing contract with Air France; energy giant ČEZ reports the temporary shutting down of a unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant; and Škoda Auto places eighth in a UK warranty company survey.