Monday, April 18, 2011


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2011-04-18 16:05:00
Exhibits removed to Germany during war return to Kyiv museum.
Unique items from the collection of the Kyiv National Museum of Ukrainian
Decorative Folk Art, which were illegally removed during the World War II to
Germany, returned to this museum.

2011-04-18 16:03:00
Almost 14 million internet users in Ukraine.
By results of a survey, carried out by InMind company, the number of Ukrainians
at the age of 15 years and more, using Internet no less than once a month, grew
to 35% (against 33% at the end of 2010).

2011-04-18 15:57:00
Joint aerospace projects with Russia will allow introducing new technologies.
Joint with Russia programmes in the aerospace industry will only strengthen
Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych
during his working visit to Donetsk region pastweekend.

2011-04-18 15:53:00
Brzezinski, Morningstar coming to Kyiv for Chornobyl conference.
The political scientist and former adviser to U.S. President Zbigniew Brzezinski
and the U.S. Secretary of State Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy, Ambassador
Richard Morningstar are due to represent the United States at the international
conference on the 25th anniversary of Chornobyl disaster on April 19 inKyiv.

2011-04-18 15:48:00
Coal industry has good prospects for development.
Ukraine's coal industry will develop and it has prospects. This was stated by
President Viktor Yanukovych to journalists in Yenakiyevo, Donetsk region, past

2011-04-18 15:40:00
Ukraine wants to get China's experience in combating corruption.
Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said this at a meeting of the Ukrainian
governmental delegation with He Guoqiang, Member of the Communist Party of China
Politburo Standing Committee, who is also the Secretary of the CPC Central
Commission for DisciplineInspection.

2011-04-18 15:34:00
Ukraine will manage to raise funds for completion of Shelter over Chornobyl NPP.
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych expressed confidence that the country
will gather all necessary funds for completion of the shelter to the fourth
power unit of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. He said this during his working
visit to Donetsk region pastweekend.

2011-04-18 14:38:00
Farmers sow 2.8 million ha with spring crops.
As of April 15, in Ukraine 2.8 million ha was sown with spring crops and
leguminous cultures, which makes up 68% of the forecast, the Agrarian Policy and
Food Ministry informed.

2011-04-18 14:32:00
About fifty delegations to attend Chornobyl events in Kyiv.
About 50 foreign delegations are expected to attend the events in Kyiv to mark
the 25th anniversary of the largest manmade disaster of the twentieth century -
the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear powerplant.

2011-04-18 14:27:00
Cost of reconstruction work at Olympic stadium in Kyiv raised.
The Cabinet of Ministers has passed a resolution introducing amendments to the
state programme on preparing for and hosting the finals of the UEFA EURO 2012,
according to which the cost of reconstruction work at the Olympic National
Sports Complex in Kyiv was raised to UAH 4.6billion.