Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.29.2011

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The Chods – the king's frontiersmen

In the Late Middle Ages, a group of Czech frontiersmen were charged with guarding the kingdom's western borders. In today's Czech History we travel to Domažlice to visit the descendants of the Chods.

Civic Democrats back Alexandr Vondra as defence minister

Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra has survived in his post after he was backed on Monday by the leadership of his party, the Civic Democrats. Mr Vondra was under mounting pressure by the other coalition parties to step down over his role in a questionable 2009 government deal during the country's EU presidency. The Civic Democrats also came out strongly against what they said was interference by other parties in their internal affairs.

Bárta to run for post of Public Affairs leader

Until recently, the country's Transport Minister Vít Bárta delayed whether or not to run for leader of Public Affairs, the party he helped found which won surprising success in the last election. After a final consideration of options over the weekend, Mr Bárta confirmed his candidacy, meaning party members will choose between him and current leader Radek John and possibly others. In the end, Mr Bárta's decision is not a major surprise: in recent months the successful former businessman has been seen more and more as the real mover behind Public Affairs, even as Radek John as interior minister has suffered a marked drop in public popularity.