Monday, March 28, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.28.2011

Articles posted on today

Businessman and anti-corruption pioneer Karel Janeček: We need to explain to people that whistle-blowing is a brave thing to do

Mathematician Karel Janeček runs the firm RSJ Algorithmic Trading, one of the world's biggest financial derivatives traders of its kind. Located on just two floors of a building in Prague's historic Malá Strana district, the company has an annual turnover more than 230 times bigger than the Czech Republic's budget. Last year, the 38-year-old entrepreneur established a foundation to support science and research while recently, he crated a fund to fight corruption in the country by supporting whistleblowers. Last week, the fund awarded 500,000 crowns to Libor Michálek who disclosed a corruption case at the Czech Environment Ministry.

Authorities begin collecting forms in 2011 population and housing census

The Czech Republic's 2011 Housing and Population Census has entered its second phase. Friday midnight was the official point of reference on which people are expected to base their answers on, and it was also when on-line forms were made available for people to fill in. Radio Prague spoke to the spokesman for the project, Ondřej Kubala, and asked him how the census has been running over the past few days.

Sports News 28.3.2011

In Sports News: Spain buries Czech Republic in final minutes of Euro football qualifier; Vítkovice reach the hockey finals, will Slavia follow suit?; the Florida Panthers are out of playoff contention in NHL leaving goalie Vokoun free to play for the Czechs.