Saturday, March 26, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.26.2011

Articles posted on today

Human rights documentaries a hit with Czech teenagers: Roughly half of the country's schools participate in the One World project

Every year, the colorful One World film festival – which just took place in Prague – turns the spotlight on human rights, screening scores of often fascinating documentaries from all corners of the globe. It also directly addresses young people, lending eye-opening DVDs to around half the schools in the Czech Republic, and holding special screenings for pupils.

Rising tensions in the Sudetenland

"Hello, hello! Prague, Czechoslovakia calling. Good evening ladies and gentlemen": Radio Prague welcomes listeners to its English programmes back in 1937. The tone may be a little more formal, but it is not so different from today. Yet much has changed since the troubled times of the later 1930s. Nazi Germany was breathing down Czechoslovakia's neck and tensions in the mainly German-speaking Sudetenland were rising rapidly. The young British historian Hugh Seton Watson was in Czechoslovakia in September that year, attending an international summer school for students from across Central Europe. Talking to Radio Prague, he was far from optimistic about the country's future.

Science Journal 26.3.2011

Lots of us might be sick of the cold, literally and figuratively, but as the skiers begin hanging up their hats as the birds and the bugs come back, so ends the happy time of the year for at least one man in the Czech Scientific community, Radek Mikuláš. Dr. Mikuláš is not your everyday geologist. For 20 years he has been venturing out onto the winter rivers, ponds and reservoirs of the Czech Republic on skates to study a very special type of rock – ice. The fruit of his labour, a book called Ledové Čechy, or "Icy Bohemia", won a prize from publishers Academia recently for its beautiful production, and it's not without some fascinating insights. Earlier this week I went to visit Dr Mikuláš in his tiny office at the Institute of Geology.