Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.22.2011

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Historian Katya Kocourek pens biography of general and writer Rudolf Medek, hero of Czechoslovak independence

Many Czechs today consider the First Czechoslovak Republic a golden age in the turbulent 20th century. The country, which existed between the two world wars, is seen as the first free state of Czechs and Slovaks after centuries of Austrian rule, and one of Europe's few democratic states of the time. But its reality, its values and conflicts often escape the popular understanding of the era. One of the First Republic's outstanding personalities was the army general and writer Rudolf Medek who embodied some of the values of the time. In this edition of Czech History, we look at Rudolf Medek's new biography penned by the British historian Katya Kocourek.

Havel's film debut premieres amid grudgingly negative reviews

The film version of Václav Havel's play Leaving hits the silver screen tonight, with premieres at Lucerna Palace (which his grandfather designed, incidentally) and Slovanský Dům. The former president and playwright has said that directing a film was a dream of his and 'Leaving' is the first fruit of his cinematic labour. But pre-release reviews have thrown cold water on the big expectations around the film. Earlier today we spoke with Theo Schwinke, the Eastern European correspondent for the multimedia magazine Screen International who was among the first to see the film, and asked him to tell us more.

Giant leap for mole-kind as Czech cartoon character joins space shuttle crew

A legendary Czech is going into space on a forthcoming shuttle flight. Although a veteran of such cosmic adventures, as well as many others, this crew member might raise some eyebrows ― he's the world recognised cartoon character, the mole, sometimes known as the little Mole or Krteček. We look at a giant step for mole-kind.