Monday, March 21, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.21.2011

Articles posted on today

Acting party chair Bohuslav Sobotka elected Social Democrat leader

Nine months after winning the general elections yet failing to form a government, the opposition Social Democrats elected new leadership at a party congress in Brno over the weekend. In a tight vote for the new leader, acting chair Bohuslav Sobotka beat his main rival, South Moravian governor Michal Hašek, who was elected deputy chair. Social Democrats hope the new leadership will boost the party's support.

Sports News 21.3.2011

In Sports News: The Extraliga hockey semi-finals get underway between Vítkovice and Pardubice; in football, Plzeň and Sparta come away with wins, leaving the top of the table unchanged; the Czech national squad readies for a key match against Spain in Euro qualifying; and Abraham finishes 13th in his MotoGP debut.

Mark Henderson – filmmaker who returned to Columbia to ask questions of the man who held him captive

Mark Henderson has been through what has to be one of the most frightening things anybody could ever experience: being kidnapped. He was among a group of Western tourists held for over three months by Marxist rebels in Columbia in 2003. The remarkable thing about Henderson's story is that six year later the British TV producer went back to meet and interview one of the people who held him captive, for the gripping film My Kidnapper.