Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.17.2011

Articles posted on today

Police file murder and rape charges after discovery of missing girl's body

Police on Thursday charged a 41-year-old man with murder and rape of nine-year-old Anna J. who went missing in the Prague neighbourhood of Trója in October. Her body was found some 800 metres from the place where she was last seen. The man has been the main suspect in the case ever since his DNA was found on the girl's abandoned schoolbag.

Guided tours with a difference highlight another face of Prague

Guided tours with a difference have been launched in Prague – instead of highlighting the attractive cultural monuments favoured by the usual tour guides they put the spotlight on those examples of urban blight, dilapidation and thoughtless construction. And the ugly face of the capital's development provides no shortage of routes.

Dictionary of Communist Totalitarianism decodes the language of propaganda

How did communist propaganda brainwash people? What were the most frequent words used in the communist press? And was it at all possible to learn any real news from the censored newspapers? These are some of the questions a team of Czech linguists is trying to answer in their Dictionary of Communist Totalitarianism.