Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.15.2011

Articles posted on today

Top court rules last year's budget cuts unconstitutional

The Czech Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that the government's austerity package, adopted in late 2010, was approved in breach of the constitution. The package, which slashed social and other benefits to lower the deficit in public finances, was pushed through Parliament after having called a "legislative emergency". The court said this was unacceptable, and gave the government until the end of the year to have the laws re-approved.

Prague café to host informal gatherings with leading Czech scientists

Prague's Café Braun will host an unusual event this week; each evening members of the public will be invited to sit down over coffee or a glass of wine with a leading scientist, to discuss some of the exciting developments in their field. The event's called 'a Week of Science Cafés', and it's part of a broader campaign by the NGO Czech Head to try and popularise science.

The story of a Czech WW II airman and his remarkable dog

Many countries have had famous war animals, one remembered in Great Britain this year was Antis, an Alsatian belonging to Czech airman Václav Robert Bozděch. 60 years ago, in 1949, the animal was awarded the PDSA Dickin medal, the animals' Victoria Cross, for bravery and outstanding service during World War II. The dog and his owner, part of a six-man crew, flew more than 30 bombing missions over occupied Europe and Nazi Germany, evading formidable German defences, always lucky to make it back. As his and his owner's fame grew, Antis went from being a valued mascot for his crew, to a symbol of courage for all in the RAF.