Thursday, March 10, 2011

Radio Prague Today 3.10.2011

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Is man's best friend leading a dog's life?

It would be hard to find a country where the saying "a dog is man's best friend" is more apt than in the Czech Republic. According to available statistics close to 40 percent of Czechs own dogs – little dogs, big dogs, fury dogs, lapdogs, assistant dogs, guard dogs and status dogs – very often dogs that markedly resemble their owners. So what is the life of a dog like in the Czech Republic?

Czech government adopts mainstream stance on Libya

The Czech government has outlined the country's stance ahead of an upcoming extraordinary EU summit that will deal with the situation in Libya and other North African countries. President Václav Klaus, who will head the Czech delegation, will tell his counterparts from other EU countries in Brussels on Friday that Prague will only support measures approved by the UN Security Council. But critics say that the Czech Republic, and the West, is again doing too little, too late.

Government under pressure to make concessions on pension reform package

Government moves to marry pension reform and large hikes in Value Added Tax are looking increasingly ragged. Leaders of the main coalition parties are meeting on Thursday to decide their final stance over what was supposed to be an already done deal. And the increasingly under pressure finance minister has walked into a row with editors of newspapers and news weeklies over the impact of the VAT hike on the press.