Sunday, June 27, 2010

Radio Prague Today 6.27.2010

Articles posted on today

Czech Books: Hana Wilson: messing about on boats after two decades on the airwaves

When she lost her job after twenty years in the Czech section of the BBC, Hana Wilson was far from despondent. She simply allowed her hobby to take over her life. Hana, who left Czechoslovakia back in 1980, has spent much of the last decade on the waterways of Britain. Now she has published a book, introducing Czechs to the wonders of life on a narrowboat. Hana Wilson is David Vaughan's guest in this week's edition of Czech Books.

Letter from Prague: Che Guevara's central Bohemian hideaway

Ernesto "Che" Guevara is to many people a symbol of revolution. In fact his handsome, defiant face topped by a beret is said to be one of the most reproduced images in the world. The Argentinean Marxist famously took part in the Cuban revolution, and died trying to foment another uprising in Bolivia. What is perhaps less well known is his connection to a small town south of Prague.

Mailbox: Mailbox 6.27.2010

Today in Mailbox we announce the winner of Radio Prague's annual listeners' contest and read the winning entry.